PicoSure vs. Q-Switched


Comparing PicoSure vs. Q-Switched Lasers

What makes them similar:
-Both are lasers
-Both break up the ink particles that get digested by your body

What makes them different:
-PicoSure laser is measured is pico-seconds while Q-switched lasers are measured in nano-seconds
-PicoSure uses photomechanical/pressure waves while Q-Switched photothermal/heat
PicoSure breaks down the link into smaller particles than the Q-Switched

What does all of this mean?
-People undergoing laser tattoo removal using a pico laser will have less pain
-Reduced amount of treatments
-Faster recovery time
-More effective on harder colors to remove in a tattoo (blues, greens & purples)

I’m going for a consultation on Wednesday at a dermatologist that has the PicoSure. Anyone have experience with this laser? It’s supposed to be the top of the line… which probably means the treatments are going to be super expensive. Worth it if it’ll remove the stubborn purple/violet & blue inks.


10 responses to “PicoSure vs. Q-Switched

  1. Check out this blog it has offered me some inspiration hopefully it does to you too. None of this BS that I come across online about “removing” tattoos in “6 sessions” we all know that is a myth! She just posted pic in August 2013 – her last laser session was June 2012. She had 20 sessions all up……but the results looked amazing. I am inspired by just how much fading occured post lasering. Let us know how the picosure consult goes. All the best.

  2. I had the same problem got a tat when I was young…smh when I got older I realize how crappy it was, long story short removal costed more then getting the tat -_- so I tried else where n I found an alternative and since it was ” work or your money back” I said why not. It was the best decision I made got rid of the tat and got a new one. Check it out

  3. Just wanted to say your blog is a great inspiration.

    I just recently got tattooed by a friend and needless to say, stupid decision. The art wasn’t executed in the way I had hoped, and it is larger than what I had thought as well…

    It’s only about two weeks new, unfortunately I know I have to wait for it to heal. I have a consultation tomorrow in SoHo to see what I can really do…

    Your tattoo has faded so much – I am sure it will be gone.

    You are so brave!

  4. Hello. I am from germany. I heard a lot about picosure. They say there is no scarring and less pain. I want to try it in.march. I love your blog

  5. Wow thanks for sharing on what’s new on tattoo removal. This post is very informative!

  6. I just finished my second treatment with PicoSure. My tattoo covers half my back and is very colorful. So far the treatments have gone really well. The color has faded quite a bit, and in a few areas is almost gone. My technician said I should notice a huge difference by the third session. So far almost all the colors have faded well (purple, orange, blue, white, yellow, green) The pink and red are more stubborn with this laser. It was much more painful than I expected, and its a pain to deal with the healing process after (painful, scabbing, itchy) but hopefully it will be worth it. I went for a consultation several years ago to get my tattoo removed but decided to wait until a better laser was invented as at the time I was not convinced that all the color would come out.

    • Shelley, I am looking into PicoSure for a large back tattoo with blue, pinks, purples and yellows… It sounds very similar to yours. I would love to see pictures of your progress.

      • Hi Allison, I’d be happy to show you pictures of the progress but I don’t know how to post them on the site 😦

  7. To be honest, from my experience, I think this pico laser technology is grossly over rated. I think one reason why, is that clinics who have purchased these machines have stumped up a large wad and want a quick return and want to convince people their system is superior, but are nevertheless often disappointed with the results.

    Certainly for red inks Q-switched is far more effective, and for blue or black the difference is minimal. The Pico laser is much better for green inks though. Now bear in mind that these machines cost so much more than Q-switched, clients are having to pay one heck of a lot more at clinics to get their tattoo removed. The initial impact is greater, but overall the length of a course of treatment the difference becomes less and less as the course goes on, yet per treatment, clients are paying far more

  8. Picosure it,s a product name, NOT a laser technology.

    Picosure ia a Q-SWITCH LASER MACHINE, which works on pico second not in nano second

    Q-Switched Laser under 10 nano second also uses photomechanical/pressure waves, with NO SCARRING AND LESS PAIN*

    * A/C skin cooling machine reduce the pain.

    Picosure has not enough power to totally remove the tattoo.

    Picosure HAS NOT the Ruby Laser (The most efficient laser, 694nm, to remove blue and green)

    but for sure is the 1st generation, already old

    Picosure Price is $ 340K. Meaning more expencive treatment for the user

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